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Opera Touch is a revolutionary web browser that offers a fast and modern browsing experience, designed to be easily accessible with just one hand. With its intuitive interface, you can navigate through the browser's main features using only your thumb.

One of the standout features of Opera Touch is its Fast Action button, located below the screen. This button allows you to instantly access the browser's most-used functions, such as the search bar, bookmarks, and open tabs. With a simple slide of your thumb, you can quickly switch between different tabs and revisit your favorite websites.

Searching the web has never been easier with Opera Touch. Unlike other browsers, you don't have to go through multiple steps to conduct a search. By sliding the Fast Action button towards the quick search function, a new tab with the search bar and keyboard will automatically appear, ready for you to type in your query. You can also use voice search or scan QR codes for quick access to websites or links.

Opera Touch also offers seamless synchronization with your Opera desktop browser through its Flow technology. By scanning the QR code displayed on your desktop browser, you can easily continue your browsing sessions on your mobile device, perfect for when you're on the go and need to access your saved web pages quickly.

With its focus on convenience and speed, Opera Touch is the perfect browser for those living a fast-paced lifestyle. It provides one-thumb access to all the essential features, saving you time and making your browsing experience effortless. Give Opera Touch a try and enjoy a new level of browsing convenience.

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